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I introduce myself. My name is Pino Caddeo. I live and work in Sardinia in Italy. my job is to look for houses on the territory of Sardinia. if you need a technician to help you and advice you to buy a nice house I am at your disposal. we go hunting for houses in Sardinia and discover for yourself. then you also help to evaluate and check that the houses are in order. is very important to verify that the buildings are in good standing both in terms of both urban and in terms of land.

we go in urban and cadastral offices and verify that the ‘property conforms to zoning. Sardinia is a beautiful place where you can spend a wonderful holiday. temperatures are always pleasant and the sun always shines. there ‘is no reason not to buy a house in Sardinia. many of the ‘have done and are happy.If you want to contact me you can also use the live chat to ask questions. is very important to rely on a technician expert. we have worked for years designing and renovating homes


We find for you the house in Sardinia. agrees to buy the ruins to renovate. Convenient because they are cheap and with a minimum purchase you can get some beautiful villas. we seek for you the ruins that are cheap and offer them to you to renovate.

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